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Episode 3: Disposable Tech

Disposable tech is technology we are not terribly concerned with losing or breaking. Shawn and Brian talk about various disposable technologies including smart watches like Apple Watch, phones, tablets, and the like.

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Reasons for Disposable Tech

There are a lot of reasons, both big and small, why tech has become so disposable to us.

  • Price, hardware has become greatly commoditized
  • Off-device storage (i.e. "the cloud")
  • Wear-and-tear of portable tech means shorter lifespans

Amazon's First-Generation Kindle Fire

Amazon cut cost and thus risk by asking the vendor Quanta, who made the BlackBerry PlayBook for RIM (now officially BlackBerry), to use the PlayBook as a template for the first-generation Kindle Fire.

Ryan Block at gdgt/Engadget

Amazon's team determined they could build a tablet without the help and experience of Lab 126, so they turned to Quanta, which helped them "shortcut" the development process by using the PlayBook as their hardware template.

Apple Watch Naming

Apple has 3 editions for Apple Watch:

  1. Apple Watch
  2. Apple Watch Sport
  3. Apple Watch Edition

That's right. You can tell all of your friends:

"I just spent a bunch of money to get the Apple Watch Edition… edition."

Remember Austin Powers? (IMDb)

Allow myself to introduce… myself.
- Austin Powers

Microsoft Naming

Windows Live Folder -> Windows Live SkyDrive (aka SkyDrive) -> OneDrive

NeXT Workstation Pricing

The initial NeXT computers had a base price of $6500 but was only targeted at higher-education institions. That price rose to $9999 when it hit the retail market.

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Show Notes

  • Followup and Corrections [0:49]
  • Disposable Tech Begins [5:43]
  • OtterBox jinx [31:59]
  • Car Bras [32:52]
  • "The Cloud" [37:45]
  • Watches [55:27]
  • Apple Watch Edition… Edition [1:22:25]

Followup / Corrections