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Episode 1: Nerd Movies

Shawn and Brian discuss nerd movies which they define as movies specifically about nerdy things like programming, computers, hacking, the Internet, and the like. They may have also thrown in some Microsoft and Blackberry (RIM) bashing.

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Shawn's Favorite Nerd Movie: Hackers
Brian's Favorite Nerd Movie: Swordfish

Nerd Movies Mentioned In This Episode

Hackers IMDB, Amazon
Antitrust IMDB Amazon
Swordfish IMDB Amazon
The Lawnmower Man IMDB Amazon
Disclosure IMDB Amazon
The Net IMDB Amazon
Minority Report IMDB Amazon
Pirates of Silicon Valley IMDB Amazon

Other Movies Mentioned (Including Jim Carrey Love)

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective IMDB Amazon
Dumb & Dumber IMDB Amazon
*In Living Color IMDB Amazon
The Cable Guy IMDB Amazon
X-Men Origins: Wolverine IMDB Amazon
Iron Man IMDB Amazon
The Last Samurai IMDB Amazon
Broken Arrow IMDB Amazon
Face/Off IMDB Amazon
Battlefield Earth IMDB Amazon
*ER IMDB Amazon

The 360-Degree Treadmill

While talking about the promise of VR (Virtual Reality) from the '90s Brian mentioned a 360-degree treadmill he saw pitched on Shark Tank. That device is the Virtuix Omni which had a very successful Kickstarter campaign which raised over $1.1M.

UPDATE: The Virtuix Omni is ready to ship. It's available for preorder until February 1, 2015 for $499. After that the prices increases to $699.

System Sellers

System sellers are games (generally) taken completely on their own merit are worth purchasing a system for. So when the original Xbox cost $300 it was worth buying an Xbox at $300 and Halo: Combat Evolved at $60 just to play Halo. System sellers are THAT good.

Bill Gates

The biography Shawn mentions in the episode is Hard Drive: Bill Gates and the Making of the Microsoft Empire. Amazon

Marketing Fail: Product Placement

Microsoft has a history of product placement in television, movies, and other media. That product placement hasn't always worked out the best. Case in point, during the fall 2014 elections, Microsoft placed Surface 3 devices on the anchor desk at CNN. The problem, and how we know it was purely product placement, was the anchors used them as props for their iPads.

Additionally, Shawn admitted to watching the first season of Hawaii Five-O and recalling the Microsoft product placement he witnessed. As with most product placement, it was very obvious and a bit embarassing.
Hawaii Five-O IMDB Amazon

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