My Letter Writing Obsession

I wanted to write a letter. That is how it started.

One Focus

Do you want to do something great? Well, you need one focus.

The Best Hours

The period of the day where you are at your "peak" mental and physical energy are your best hours.

Introducing Words, A Fast HTML Theme

Today we are launching our first theme and it's a HTML theme called Words.

Startup Marketing Is Like A Touring Band

As Retro Mocha has refocused our energy this year and building up an audience, it struck me just how much this kind of marketing is like being in a touring band.


Put Everything On One Domain - Owning a lot of domains is bad for business, unless you are in the business of buying and selling domains.

How We Made Our Website Fast - My goal for this project was to make Retro Mocha's website load time drop to 0.25 - 0.5 sec per page load. That would make our website fast.

Random, Our Latest Experiment - Random is an experiment in SEO and improving our writing skills.

Agile Without Improvement - As it turns out, agile without improvement isn't really agile at all.

The Zen of SEO - To understand the Zen of SEO and online marketing you must understand a simple truth. Give people something what they want and what they are looking for.

3 Years, 6 Months, and $0 MRR - Our goal for a long time was to build a successful SAAS app. Apparently we are remarkably bad at this whole software business thing.