Who We Are

Retro Mocha was founded in 2010 by Shawn Baden and Brian Knapp. We are two Nebraska gents who enjoy painting every day to craft things into existence.

Retro Mocha is only the two of us and it will always be the two of us. We look at running a business a bit different than most. We're actually proud of that. We have a core set of values we live by and won't compromise on. Our definition of success must be by our rules.

We're not interested in getting funded or being acquired. We'll never have employees – we've hit our max of two. Retro Mocha is a business but it's us. Or put another way, it's our freindship and comradery formed into a business.

So what do we actually do? We explore our interests, we create things, we will into existence things we want to exist. And sometimes those things make us money. Our motivation for what to create is simple – if we find value in exploring an idea, we'll do it.

- Shawn & Brian