We Do Experiments.

We are too curious not to try out our ideas.
Follow along and see what happens.
Results are not guaranteed.

Our Experiments

Retro Mocha

Our company is in itself an experiment that evolved over a period of years, but the core ideas haven't changed much. For a long time we thought it was a business, but it turns out that it's really an experiment in business.

Paint Colors

Want a convenient way to see all the color swatches of popular paint brands? Paint Colors makes it easy.

Weight Tracker

Weight Tracker lets you track your weight from your email, anywhere, anytime. It is the easiest weight tracking tool in the world. If you can send an email, you can track your weight.


Random is an experiment in SEO and improving our writing skills. The question we have is this: Can we make money creating random articles and content on RetroMocha.com?